The Experience


At Viaggi di Gusto, we are passionate about Italy—and want to share its most distinctive qualities with you. Please take a moment to enjoy this slideshow capturing the everyday attributes of our Italian travels. Then, continue to our testimonials below and learn why so many travel with us year after year.


Thanks again for the wonderful trip planning. We can’t wait for the next! Your tours fit our needs so well!

E.V. & S.V.

I have traveled with other groups and the trips are no comparison to Viaggi di Gusto trips. Cathy has a love for Italy and it shows. She connects well with people and wants everyone to experience the Italy she knows and loves. She is generous with her passion and her personality draws out the best. We as travelers benefit. The trips are paced well to give people the time to really enjoy the entire experience.


We feel the trip was a good value because the planning and arrangements were taken care of by Viaggi di Gusto and we could simply enjoy. The choices of sites to visit, restaurants, cafes and hotels were all excellent. We enjoyed the small group travel limited to specific areas where you get more of a local flavor.

V.W. & C.W.

You did a wonderful job leading our group. Richard and I enjoyed traveling with you and the group. It was the best trip for us ever and the fond memories will have a special place in our hearts.

D.E. & R.D.

Great value, well-planned and excellent quality. This trip was much more personalized and hands on. It was a dream to remember.


We love the pace, the focus on small-town cultural life, local food and wines and the authentic feel of Italian life.

L.S. & T.S.

In talking with others who have traveled widely we feel our trip was a great value. My wife and I agree that there is definitely no way that the two of us could have put together all of the many pieces that constituted such a grand experience! The trip was well-executed—and there wasn’t a problem or need that was not seen to. We especially liked the local feel of the trip, such as the lodging, restaurants, etc. They gave us a taste of the real Italy. Having a leader who spoke the language was invaluable as well. We tell everyone what a marvelous trip it was. Where you go, we will follow!

A.T. & M.T.

The trip was a great value. Primarily because it did what it promised to do and the experiences were unique and well-planned.


Excellent value! We're not sure how you did it!

S & Z

It was priceless!


I have some friends that went to Italy on their own. They were there less time, did less, got lost often and it cost more for them to do it alone. On the other hand, we saw and did everything we wanted.


I’ve been on four trips with VDG and each one is unique. This experience is different because it takes you off the beaten path and gives you a closer connection to Italians. Traveling with someone who has lived in Italy and is fluent in the language offers you entrè into experiences you wouldn’t encounter on your own or with other tour groups. You might be on your way somewhere and learn there is a special market day in a neighboring town that really shouldn’t be missed, so the schedule is altered a bit to take it in.


I loved the trip! There was plenty of time to hang out, shop or do solo things, as well as many planned activities. The best way to see a country is through the eyes of someone who truly loves it!